Client Testimonials

Received in person or by emails, texts or posted on social media

Natalie F.
Mom, Grandmother, Great-grandmother

I hope you can stand my total enthusiasm…You are a fantastic author.  This book captivated me even though I am well past 7 years old.  The lessons taught are perfect and I personally wish every young boy in the world could read this book and do the workbook.  I think the workbook is VERY important.  It reinforces the lessons. I am truly amazed… need more stuff for 2 more boys. When Raising Lady Grace is available for purchase PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I want to buy one.

Tony S. 

This is a wonderful book written by a tremendous person and truly gifted writer. It’s a great gift to a society that struggles, at times, with how all young men should act. It should be required reading in grade school! I highly recommend this book! Great gift that can be passed down through the generations!

Jami B.

Mother of 9 year old boy

Every chance he got, he was nestled away, reading about Gallant. He is captivated! He even started writing his own story, following your pattern, with a glossary of new words at the end of each chapter. That’s something! The story didn’t just keep him reading, it was the catalyst for him to start writing. How many stories do that? And the crafts are the real thing, no cheap plastic. Well done.

Patti G.

Mom, Grandmother

I absolutely loved it! I think it should be in the curriculum for 4th grade. I learned so much! It is definitely a topic that would appeal to boys and I think girls would find it interesting too.  I have never wanted to be or even thought about being a knight but I was absolutely drawn into the story from the first chapter…You wove every lesson together beautifully with examples of feelings every child could understand! It was well organized with the vocabulary and thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter…What a gift God has given you with your writing talent! Thank you for using it to teach young people!

Glenn O.

Retired College Administrator and Instructor

Raising Sir Gallant was written with youths in mind. However, as a 77-year-old adult, I still found it to be delightful reading. I finished it in two sittings. I pictured myself as a youth of 12 in the Middle Ages and could imagine myself going through my early years as did the character in the story. The book is bound in quality leather. The pages are made of paper that is reminiscent of paper that was manufactured hundreds of years ago. The gilt-edged pages make this a book that one person alone will not enjoy. Rather, it is the type of book that, because of its quality manufacture and great story, will be passed on from one family member to another and from one generation to another. I recommend it without reservation.

Ann S.


Janelle (friend and homeschooling mom) loves it so much she is buying it!!  THE WHOLE THING. She wants to show her friends too. And she will buy Lady Grace when it comes out. SO GET BUSY LADY!

Dick M. 

Father, Grandfather

Beautifully done, it’s a masterpiece…made me forget everything else going on in my world…can’t wait to continue reading…Wow!

All Glory To God

Sir Gallant